Is this the course you have been looking for?

Are you an individual athlete who has done searching online, but are confused and overwhelmed about how to apply all the nutrition information to running cross country?

Are you struggling with energy levels - especially as you increase miles, intensity or race frequency?

Do you often feel exhausted and sore by the end of the training week? 

Do you feel like you hit the wall and drop your mile pace too early during training or races?

Are you confused by how to put together meals and snacks to make sure you are eating enough?

Do you feel like nutrition is the last piece of your training you have yet to master?

Are you a parent of a runner who needs sports nutrition education that works with their schedule?

After completing this course, you will walk away with:

A structured plan to know exactly what to eat before, during and after every run, including training runs and on race-day

A process to prevent energy drops throughout the day and during training.

Knowledge about how to prevent problems related to under-fueling such as decreased bone density, compromised immune system and low iron

Energy to wake up in the morning and do all the things you need to do to get through the day and reach your goal times. 

...and all of this is completed on your time, at your own pace using a course to which you have lifetime access.

What is included in this course?

4 Modules with over 23 total Lessons for you to watch at your own pace

1 Course Workbook to fill in with your goals, notes and fueling tactics

Over 10 downloadable handouts, including:

-High Protein Foods

-High Calcium Foods

-Easy Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Ideas

-Snack Ideas

-And More!

Example Curriculum

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Meet the Course Creator and Instructor

Are you ready to have clarity in choosing foods that help you to get your next PR? Do you want to stop stressing about how to fuel your body for the work you are asking it to do?

Hi, I'm Coach Kate! Growing up, I never thought a whole lot about the food I ate and how it might impact my body. However, when I started running cross country and track in high school, I was lucky enough to have a coach who understood the connection between food and performance. What started as simple reminders to "eat before you get on the bus for the meet" has since blossomed into an over 12-year career helping athletes understand how to nourish their bodies to perform at their best and still placing in the top 3 in my age group in distance running. Now, I want all cross country runners to understand how food can be their secret weapon to ultimate success.

I believe in teaching and empowering athletes so that they have the confidence, perseverance and passion about performance nutrition that I do. No diets or cutting out foods. Let's learn clearly and effectively how to use food to help our body perform at its peak. Does this resonate with you? Join my team by enrolling now. I'll see you there!

To learn more about me, you can also find me on Facebook and Instagram!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this course for team use as well?

The course is created and priced for single individual use only. One account cannot be used by multiple athletes or teams. Usage is monitored for appropriate use of the account. If you are interested in purchasing the course for all athletes on your team, please reach out to RDKate for pricing inquiries at [email protected].

How long do I have access to the content?

Purchase of this course guarantees you lifetime access to the course as long as the course is available for purchase.

Can I share my access with others?

By purchasing any Course, you are granted a single-use, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable license to access, view and use the Course. You may not share your access with any other users other than the single user for this Course. You are granted the right to download, store and print single copies of items comprising the Course. Course access will be monitored, and access may be discontinued if it is suspected that access is being shared with others.

Can I get this course covered by insurance?

While insurance is not accepted for this course, you may be able to use your HSA/FSA funds. However, it is up to you to apply for reimbursement. I do not provide superbills or other similar forms. You will receive a receipt of purchase. Please check with your insurance company if you want to try this option.

Will I learn about weight loss?

No, this course is not about how to lose weight.

What age and type of athlete is this best for?

This is a course for cross country runners and would be best consumed by high school cross country runners (with the assistance of parents) or collegiate cross country runners. Other runners would also benefit from this information, but it is not directly aimed at other types of runners (distance runners beyond 5K or older adult age groupers).

Is this course right for me if I follow a vegetarian or vegan diet?

While plant-based suggestions are frequently provided, this is not a directed course for cross country runners who are vegan or vegetarian.

Does this course highlight the nutritional differences between male and female runners?

While there is not a lesson dedicated to this topic exclusively, differences for male verses female runners are highlighted throughout the course as applicable.

Do you guarantee results?

We do not guarantee results, as results are very much dependent on the work and time you put into both learning and applying the material as well as individual response to that application.

Is this medical advice?

No, this course is for educational purposes only. By purchasing this course, you are agreeing to the Terms of Use.

Does this course include 1:1 coaching?

This course not include any live coaching.

Do I get handouts or recipes as well?

Yes! There are over 10 handouts and recipes included with this course for free download.

What other services do you offer?

Please check out to see all services from RDKate Sports Nutrition, including virtual 1-on-1 consults, in-person or virtual team services, downloadable handouts for purchase and more courses.

Have a question that wasn't answered here? Contact us at [email protected].

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